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"60 seconds", Instagram comes with new changes

"60 seconds", Instagram comes with new changes

Instagram recently increased the time limit for stories to 60 seconds, up from the previous limit of 15 seconds. Previously, Instagram stories that were longer than 15 seconds would be split into separate segments. This made the process of uploading videos to stories more challenging, including tagging and mentioning other users. The social media company reportedly began testing the change with select users late last year.

We recall that the CEO of the social network Instagram, Adam Mosseri, and the Instagram social media team are refuting claims that the application is tracking location data and sharing it with followers who are looking for your exact location. A post went viral claiming that "a recent iOS update" has made it so that "people can now find your exact location from Instagram."

This led many people to go into their phone's Instagram app settings and turn off location permissions for the app. Instagram Coombs posted a tweet about the viral post, clarifying what Instagram's policies are on location data. 

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