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Charlie Puth had feelings for Selena Gomez when they made the song "We don`t talk anymore"

Charlie Puth had feelings for Selena Gomez when they made the song "We

As Taylor Swift once wrote, another day, another drama. While Selena Gomez and Hailey Bieber have still made peace, Charlie Puth has decided to enter the narrative and it's not making him look too good. The whole mess started in 2015-2016, when Gomez and Puth collaborated on the song "We Don't Talk Anymore."

There were rumors at the time that the two were dating and/or dating since Gomez and Justin Bieber had broken up and Justin had actually started seeing Hailey. Gomez denied that she and the "One Call Away" singer were more than just friends, but the following year Puth released his song "Attention," about a girl he apparently dated.

Speaking about the relationship, Puth was coy in the press afterward, trying to be a gentleman who wouldn't gossip. Charlie told Billboard in 2018:

"I don't kiss and tell, but the only way a song like [“We Don't Talk Anymore"] can sound real is if something else is going on behind the scenes. And that's what was happening with Gomez. . Very short-lived, very small, but very influential. And it really messed me up."

On March 25, 2023, Puth decided to bring it all back and tweeted:

"Attention is about what you think it's about."

This quickly brought fans back to the lyrics of the song "Attention", which is a kind of sensation even from a video in which Puth speaks very clearly: Selena would not sleep with him and he was disappointed. Charlie Puth also says that he fell in love for the first time and then the girl manipulated him with her perfume. For more, watch the video:

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