What the stars predict for today

What the stars predict for today
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Something can be born (a love or a friendship) with the signs of Aries, Leo and Sagittarius. Even with the sign of Gemini there are attractions but be careful with an Aquarius. At work you will create important new contacts.


Today the Moon is in your sign, you will probably get good news in love from date 13. At work if you have done a long internship you can now sign a long term contract.


The novelty of this day is Venus in your sign that brings love. At work a difficult time is overcome now you can gain confidence for the future.


The day of recovery in love even if there were problems over the weekend. At work there is likely to be a strong desire to change, but beware of enemies.


Interesting horoscope for relationships, Venus is favorable. At work, the dissonance of the Moon can bring some doubts between today and tomorrow.


Venus begins a problematic transit, do not get involved in situations that can be very complicated. At work, the situation requires a little patience, where is your personality?


May is a month with great prospects for love: Jupiter, Saturn and Venus favorable. At work, you have to get angry from time to time to apply your principles.


It is a controversial Monday for love, the Moon is in opposition along with the Sun. Some projects are late for work.


On this day there is a severe fatigue, some suffer from the monotony of the couple. At work today it will be better to observe than to act: your ideas are winning, but you need practice.


The situation improves, after a complicated weekend now the Moon is back in favor. At work, good news is coming!


Slightly submissive day, love must be kept under control for these 24 hours. In working with these stars it is important to take things in stride: money brings tension.


In love, the situation is a bit complicated, pay attention to the memories: they do not dare to influence today. At work is a dubious period, but there is a strategy; from the 13th you will have to face problems. /noa.al

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