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Her picture ran on the cover,

Her picture ran on the cover,

A few days ago, a photo of moderator Alketa Vejsiu on the cover of Forbes UK circulated on the internet. The news was titled The Triple Crown: Queen of TV, Digital Media and Business.

What stood out was the fact that the article did not have the name of the author, the journalist who had written it, and at the end of the article there was a clarification on 'Forbes Staff', where it was textually written:

'Forbes Staff is a valued member of the prestigious Forbes England team, dedicated to delivering exceptional content and in-depth journalism. With an extensive knowledge of the local business landscape and an unwavering commitment to uncovering compelling stories, Forbes Staff showcases their expertise in the field of business reporting. As a respected and beloved contributor to Forbes England, they provide readers with invaluable perspectives on England's vibrant and dynamic business ecosystem.'

Journalist Rezearta Çaušaj has contacted Forbes via email, where it is stated that Forbes has no connection with the so-called "Forbes UK". We do not know if the moderator has fallen prey to any fraud scheme, but the partnership announced with FORBES is fake news.

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