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Horoscope, what the stars have in store for you

Horoscope, what the stars have in store for you


You will find great satisfaction. Connections in the next few hours will be harmonious, you may have an important meeting. As for work, very soon things will go the way you want.


According to Paolo Fox's horoscope (Wednesday, April 17, 2024), in the following hours, prudence in love will be needed, you may risk feeling bored. In terms of work, if you have to make proposals, move your pieces immediately. You can't make a wrong move.


If you must see an ex again, take it slow… Be careful with your words and gestures. As for work, don't worry: the situation will soon resolve itself. Hold on a little longer. You are almost there, then it will clear again and you will see the stars again. Get ready!


Try not to be overly sensitive to your partner. As for work, don't be sad, things will improve from next week. You may find your soul mate or conquer a long-time crush if you are single.


According to Paolo Fox's horoscope (Wednesday, April 17, 2024), the emotions of this period are positive in love. As far as work is concerned, with favorable Jupiter in May there will be a breath of fresh air. Have a little more patience and things will get better.


There is a bit of tension in love this time of year, don't question everything. As for work, if you've recently changed jobs, try to get along with your colleagues. There is no point in contradicting them or proving yourself to be different from what you are.


A great period of feelings continues for you, if you are single, look around. In terms of work, there may be discussions with bosses and managers. Try to stay calm and clear minded.


According to Paolo Fox's horoscope (Wednesday, April 17, 2024), in love, start planning something beautiful for the future now. Make plans. In terms of work, the effort will be felt but the fruits of commitment will come soon. Wait.


There are great pleasures, with the Moon in the sign there will certainly be no shortage of emotions. In terms of work, negotiations and agreements are moving slowly. Will pass. Just have a little patience and a lot of faith.


Emotions and meetings will be favored, so don't shut yourself up at home. Open up to the world. Especially if you've been single for a while, it's time to get back on track. In terms of work, new projects will have an advantage.


According to Paolo Fox's horoscope (Wednesday, April 17, 2024), the day of love will be a little strange, without sparking sterile controversies that only risk starting some arguments. In terms of work, freelancers favored, something is moving. Courage.


During the day you may be more mischievous than usual in love. Try it. As for work, your creativity will be rewarded. You can build something special and realize all your projects. Roll up your sleeves. You won't be disappointed.

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