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Kanye West mad at Hailey: Justin Bieber get your girl before I get mad

Kanye West has returned to Hailey and Justin Bieber amid his ongoing controversy. Ye is under fire for his 'White Lives Matter' t-shirts shown as part of his show at Paris Fashion Week, as well as his comments against Vogue editor Gabriella Karefa-Johnson. The fashion journalist had criticized Kanye's performance before the musician made his feelings clear in a series of social media posts, an ordeal Gabriella called serious instability.

"Justin Bieber get your girl before I get mad," Ye said in a post that also mocked 'All of Me' singer John Legend and Vogue's Gabriella. Hailey had previously joined a list of stars, including supermodel Gigi Hadid, who rushed to support Gabriella after Kanye's strange outburst.

We recall that Gabriella Karefa-Johnson had previously said that Kayne's controversial 'White Lives Matter' t-shirts were deeply offensive, violent and dangerous, prompting his fiery comments.

The posts have since been deleted and the rapper shared a photo of her to explain that they apologized to each other during a two-hour meeting. In his caption, Kanye misspelled Gabriella's name as 'Gabrielle', prompting Gigi to react in the comments section.

"It's Gabriella*," she reminded him. Her comment has since racked up 15,000 likes. Ever since Kanye started his rampage against the fashion editor, Gigi has been defending him on her Stories as well as in his comments section. Under one of his posts, she called him a 'bully and a bully'.

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