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American football legend Tom Brady retires again

American football legend Tom Brady retires again

Tom Brady has announced again that he will retire, but this time it is "for good". The Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback shared the bombshell news in a video on Twitter.

Good morning everyone. I'm retiring. For good. I know it was a pretty big deal last time, so when I woke up this morning I thought I'd just hit record and let you guys know first.

So really, thank you so much, to each and every one of you who supported me. My family, my friends, my teammates, my competitors, I could go on forever, there are so many. Thanks guys for letting me live my absolute dream. I wouldn't change a thing. I love you all.

Brady has signed a 10-year deal with Fox Sports worth $375 million, a source familiar with the deal told NBC News. It was first reported by the New York Post in May. Brady previously said he would retire from the NFL, but his time out barely lasted 40 days. He reversed that decision last March. The Buccaneers reposted his video on their social media accounts and shared a photo of him, thanking him.

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