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From kisses on the lips to 'fights', the director of the film talks about the Olta-Luiz relationship

From kisses on the lips to 'fights', the director of the film talks

The two protagonists of the TV show "BBV2", Luiz Ejlli and Olta Gixhari, have not had good relationships at all. However, after leaving the house they improved their relationship and even surprised their followers with their participation in a movie.

During filming in the summer, there were reports that they had often clashed, but according to the director of the film "In the Frame of Love" Koloreto Cukalit, they have helped each other a lot and have been comfortable, while denying that there have been any problems.

" They are both very real in the roles they play. They are very good partners, they help not only themselves, but also their partner. It has been very comfortable and there are no problems from what the fans can expect and comment on. I think the time has come for the fans to move to the next level." he said among other things.

As for kisses on the lips, Cukali said that all the couples have shown themselves to be professional and that in this time of film production, there can be no love story without kisses.


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