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Rumor has it that Rita Ora might be pregnant

Rumor has it that Rita Ora might be pregnant

Rita Ora has fueled speculation that she is pregnant with her first child weeks after confirming her secret marriage to Taika Waititi. The 32-year-old singer recently revealed that she and Taika were married. "When the rumors came out that I'm married, I wanted to play with that a little bit. I wanted to have a wedding that didn't go according to plan... that doesn't mean it wasn't beautiful."

Reflecting on her special day, Rita said: "It was perfect. It was exactly what I wanted." Now Rita has fans wondering if they've taken the next step with a caption that has raised many questions on Instagram.

Sharing a collage of recent photos, she wrote: "Dump a bump bump."For those who don't understand, "dump" is used when posting a collage of different random photos on social media, while "bump" is used for a rounded belly from pregnancy.

Immediately fans were quick to ask if her caption had a hidden meaning.

Someone writes: "Girl, don't write "bump" here because you know I get excited."

However, there is no confirmation from Rita yet.

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