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Horoscope signs with which you do not fit

Horoscope signs with which you do not fit

You have a hard time matching Crabs or Pisces. Pisces are very sensitive and for an Aries it would be challenging. Crabs also would not go well with a straightforward and honest Aries.

You have a hard time matching the Lions. Lions want a lot of attention, compliments and ego stuffing. Bulls will not give the attention they want. Taurus also want to dominate in a relationship and so do the Lions.

You can not match Scorpios. Scorpios are demanding, intense and want a lot from a relationship. While Gemini will not be able to endure the emotions of Scorpios that go beyond capacity.

Hard to match Aquarius. Aquarius is very prevalent for Crabs who want security in a relationship. Aquarius wants a lot of freedom, which would put Crabs in doubt.

You have a hard time matching the Capricorns. Capricorns love tradition and work hard. While Lions act with the heart, without thinking long, which would drive Capricorns crazy.

Do not go with Sagittarius. Even the most flexible Virgos would again get annoyed with Sagittarians who are free spirits and do not act according to a plan.

You do not agree with Virgos because you are fun people and often change directions in life. While Virgos are critical people and do not tolerate at all.

Many think that Scorpios do not match Taurus being two opposites, but no. It is Libra that a Scorpio does not match. Scorpios flirt but do not want their partner to do the same and Libra is flirtatious.

You have a hard time matching Capricorns. Sagittarians like spontaneity, intellectual stimulation and debates while Capricorns like to keep things in order and are calm.

 You can not adapt to Gemini, who often leave things halfway. Gemini are people who deal with a lot of activities and Capricorns would become very suspicious.

You can not fit in with Scorpios because Aquarius seeks freedom while Scorpios want stability by not allowing too many things that are normal for Aquarius.

You would find it very difficult to adapt to Gemini or Libra. Pisces wants peace and privacy, unlike Gemini and Libra. None of these signs would know how to deal with Pisces emotions.

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