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The old man was killed for the car, new details from the double murder in Macedonia are coming to light

The old man was killed for the car, new details from the double murder in

Shocking details have come to light from the kidnappings that ended with the murder of two people in North Macedonia, including a 14-year-old girl.

Both kidnappings are suspected to have been carried out by the same group, whose composition included the three arrested Vlatko Kekishov, Velibor Manev and Bore Videvski. The suspect in the murder of the 14-year-old is also her father, who helped the kidnappers for the purpose of profit of monetary sums from the girl's mother. The head of the group is wanted and is suspected to be in Serbia. He is Lupço Palevski, a well-known character in North Macedonia, as he is the leader of a pro-Russian movement.

According to the prosecutor of the case, Gavril Bubevski, the reason for the murder of 74-year-old Pançe Zhezhovski is for material gain.

According to him, the robbers needed a car to kidnap the 14-year-old, and for this reason they kidnapped and killed the elderly.

"Pançe remained a victim as the perpetrators of the murder did not have a car to rob Vanja, the second person in this tragedy," said prosecutor Bubevski.

Victim Zhezhovski's car, a white Citroen, was later used to rob the second victim.

The information from the prosecution at RMV informs that it is suspected that the main author Ljupço Palevski and Panço Zhezhovski had a conflict over a debt.

It is suspected that the victim owed the author 500 euros.

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