Von Cramon submits the draft report on Kosovo to the European Parliament

Von Cramon submits the draft report on Kosovo to the European Parliament

The rapporteur for Kosovo in the European Parliament, Viola Von Cramon - Taubadel, has submitted the draft of her annual report on Kosovo, which will be discussed first in the Committee for Foreign Policy, and later in the year in the plenary session.

This text contains the general points, similar to the reports of the past years, but also takes into account the developments that have occurred in the meantime.

In this draft report, the European Parliament "welcomes Kosovo's application for EU membership, which reflects the pro-European orientation of its citizens and the clear geopolitical determination".

Kosovo applied for membership in the EU in December of last year, when the Czech Republic led the bloc, while now the Swedish Presidency is consulting with the member countries on the next steps.

The draft also states that "the long-awaited agreement on the liberalization of visas for the citizens of Kosovo is welcomed".

The European Parliament has insisted for many years that the liberalization of visas be done as soon as possible.

At the end of 2022, EU member states have finally reached agreement to finalize the visa liberalization process for Kosovo citizens.

This decision is expected to enter into force in January 2024.

The call for the recognition of Kosovo's independence by all EU member states - which the European Parliament repeats every year in its reports on Kosovo - is included in the text this time as well.

"Member countries that have not yet recognized Kosovo as a sovereign state are invited to do so."

Regarding the situation in Kosovo, it is said that the country has had a period of political stability after the 2021 elections, and the draft invites the Kosovo authorities to take more actions to face the challenges in the European journey.

Here too, it is repeated that "the dynamics of the integration process will depend on progress in the rule of law, fundamental rights, and the normalization of relations with Serbia"./ REL

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