Kurti Sticks to Stance that Serb List Won’t Be Part of Government

The Serb List (SL), despite winning 96% of Kosovo Serbs’ vote, will not be part of the new government, but one minister will be from the Serb community, Kosovo’s future prime minister, Albin Kurti, leader of said on Thursday.

“We are trying to form a governing coalition that will not need the votes of the SL. The Serb List will be in opposition, and having one minister must be from the Serb community does not mean that he will be in the governing coalition. Serb nationality is not party membership but nationality,” Kurti said in very good Serbian language in an interview given to TV N1.

When asked if this means that there will be a Serb minister in the future Kosovo government whose appointment the SL will agree with, but that he will not be treated politically as part of the governing coalition, Kurti said: “it can be said that way.”

Kurti added that he believed that there were no fair and free elections in municipalities with a majority Serb population. He said this was due to pressure from official Belgrade in order for the SL to get 100% of the vote, which he described as a consequence of “lack of confidence”.

He voiced his expectation to receive a mandate to form the Kosovo government this month and will have 15 days to form a coalition with the Democratic Alliance of Kosovo (LDK).