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EU increases commitment to enlargement ahead of Granada summit

EU increases commitment to enlargement ahead of Granada summit

The European Union (EU) is expected to increase its commitment to the bloc's expansion during this week's summit in Granada, Spain, according to a first draft of the bloc by Radio Free Europe.

The EU will hold two summits in Granada on October 5 and 6, where European leaders will discuss the future of the continent.

First, the summit of more than 40 countries within the European Political Community will take place, in which the president of Kosovo, Vjosa Osmani, will also participate. Afterwards, the informal summit of EU member states will take place.

The summit will also have the so-called "Declaration of Granada" which is expected to be approved by the leaders of the EU, the draft of which has been provided by Radio Free Europe.

EU leaders will emphasize that enlargement "is a geostrategic investment in peace, security, stability and prosperity on the continent; it is a process which will reduce inequality between countries and strengthen the values ​​on which the European Union is built".

"Looking towards a larger union, both the EU and the future member states must get ready. Aspirant countries should accelerate their work on reforms, in particular in the area of ​​the rule of law, in line with the enlargement approach based on the principle of individual merits and with the assistance of the EU. At the same time, the union needs to lay the foundations to prepare for enlargement. We will present our long-term ambitions and the way to achieve them", says the draft of the Declaration that the leaders of the EU countries are expected to approve in Granada.

As part of the launch of the EU's preparations for enlargement, the leaders are also expected to discuss the internal reforms of the bloc, so that an enlarged EU, when it has more than 30 member countries, will have it easier, and no more difficult, the adoption of decisions.

They will also talk about the ideas that in some areas the countries from the enlargement process can integrate without having to wait for formal membership in the EU.

The summit in Granada will be of an informal nature, while concrete decisions about the enlargement process are expected at the formal EU summit in December./rel

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