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Attacks overnight, Israel kills four Palestinians

Attacks overnight, Israel kills four Palestinians

At least four Palestinians have been killed by the Israeli army during overnight military strikes in the occupied West Bank areas of Yenin and Jerusalem.

Mohammad Hleil, spokesman for the Palestinian Ministry of Health, confirmed the killing of three Palestinians from the village of Biddu, northwestern Jerusalem.

Israeli forces also killed a resident of the village of Burqin, southwest of the city of Yenin. Hleil said there was news of a fifth Palestinian being killed, but that they have not yet received confirmation.

While Israeli military operations in West Bank towns and villages have become an almost daily reality in recent months, army attacks in the Yenin area have been met with retaliation from Palestinian residents.

Last month, the Israeli army killed four Palestinians in the Yenin refugee camp during an operation that led to armed confrontations.

Source: AL Jazzera

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