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"Terrific" forecast for heat in India and Pakistan

"Terrific" forecast for heat in India and Pakistan

Climate change has increased the chances by 100 times that an unprecedented heat wave will hit northwest India and Pakistan, scientists said, as both countries are experiencing high temperatures that are disrupting daily life.

In an analysis, climate scientists with the UK Met Office found that the natural probability of a heat wave exceeding average temperatures by 2010 would be once every 312 years, but when climate change is factored in, the chances increase to a times every 3.1 years.

April and May 2010 were used as benchmarks because those months had the highest average temperatures since 1900.

Rising temperatures in some parts of Pakistan and India in recent weeks have forced schools to close, damaged crops, put pressure on power supplies and kept residents indoors. It even prompted experts to question whether such heat is suitable for human survival.

Jacobabad, one of the hottest cities in the world, in Pakistan’s Sindh province, recorded 51 degrees Celsius on Sunday. In neighboring India, temperatures in the capital Delhi region exceeded 49 degrees Celsius.

India and Pakistan are very sensitive to the effects of the climate crisis, especially in terms of extreme heat.

The scientists said a new record temperature is likely to have been reached in the region during the recent heat wave.

Source: CNN

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