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Spain records "hottest spring on record"

Spain records "hottest spring on record"

Spain has experienced its hottest spring since it started recording temperatures in the 60s, the national weather agency announced on Wednesday (June 7th).

The country also saw its second driest spring ever, after that of 1995, the AEMET agency said.

Spain, which had its hottest year in 2022, is expected to be one of the EU countries hardest hit in terms of climate change.

Across Spain, temperatures between March 1 and June 1 averaged 14.2 degrees Celsius, the Environment Ministry said. These temperatures were 1.8 degrees higher than the average recorded between 1991-2020 and 0.3 degrees higher than the previous record set in 1997.

In late April, Spain experienced a major heatwave with local temperatures up to 20 degrees Celsius above average, worsening the drought.

According to the AEMET agency, Spain is "very likely" to once again face a hotter than usual summer this year, especially in the eastern part of the country and in the Spanish islands.


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