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Recent developments from the war in Ukraine

Recent developments from the war in Ukraine

NATO leaders have reiterated their support for Ukraine and announced the increase of security deployments on the eastern edge of the military alliance, as Russian forces make progress in their campaign to encircle the city of Lysychansk.

Russian forces have made progress in besieging the city of Lysychansk. Fighting continues near the main highway southwest of the city, where a large oil refinery is located, said the General Staff of the Ukrainian Army.

Russian-backed authorities in Ukraine's southern Kherson region say they are preparing for a referendum to join the Russian Federation. "Yes, we are preparing for the referendum and we will hold it," Kirill Stremousov, deputy head of the Kherson region's military-civilian administration, said in an interview with his Telegram channel.

Cleaning up the rubble at the downtown Kremenchuk shopping mall, which was hit by a Russian rocket on Monday, will take two to three days, according to a regional official. At least 18 civilians were killed in the attack, while 58 others were injured.

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