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Once he "blackmailed" them for hanging out in bars, Rama regrets it: Young people run away, but there is no coffee like here

Once he "blackmailed" them for hanging out in bars, Rama regrets it:

 Prime Minister Edi Rama has published today part of his podcast 'Flasim'. In today's episode, Rama invited 4 young foreigners who have chosen to live and work in Albania.

During the conversation, Rama said that Albania should return to dependence and that no one who comes here as a foreigner wants to leave. As for the Albanians who leave, Rama said that they want to try new experiences and this is understandable.

Among the addictions that, according to Rama, keep you in Albania is coffee, since according to him there is no place to drink an espresso in Berlin and say 'wow'.

Well, before me, Rama "blackmailed" the young people, saying that they only hang out in cafes and don't work.

" Albania will return to dependence. I have seen many people, for example, foreigners with whom I have relations for the sake of work, ambassadors, who, perhaps, when they arrived, were not enthusiastic, to put it mildly, but I did not see anyone happy when they left from the country. Of course, there are Albanians who still want to leave, try new experiences, but it's understandable, it's very understandable.

This is a moment in history when there's an opportunity that we haven't had for many years, but at the same time, I was listening to Ward and listening carefully to people who come back. I also remember myself, that I was also an immigrant and, I know, there comes a moment when you need this, you need this atmosphere, you need this warmth, even the lack of strict traffic rules and you need also for espresso. Where can I get an espresso in Berlin, tell me? Where can you drink a coffee in Berlin, to say 'wow'", said Rama.


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