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"Even if the European Council turns upside down", Rama: Forget that Beleri swears

"Even if the European Council turns upside down", Rama: Forget that

Prime Minister Edi Rama rejected the chances of the elected mayor of Himara, Fredi Beleri, to take the oath of office.

In the show "Debat" on A2CNN, Rama said that this issue will not be negotiated with the European Council, where Greece has raised its voice on the Beleri issue, even if official Athens continues to put pressure on blocking Albania's integration into the EU.

" How is the oath made is the question? To date, you have a Supreme Court decision from a few years ago, which tasked the Special Court to deal with this issue. Because the request to take the oath was made to us. We have no opportunity to decide whether or not to take an oath. We have made it very clear.

That if the entire European Council is turned upside down, we do not negotiate anything against the greatest strategic interest of Albania, today, which is the implementation of the Reform in Justice and the non-encroachment of the independence of the justice institutions. They have been looking for this for some time, we can't do it, forget that we are involved in this. No integration block. That it is not a block of integration at all, it is a political process ."

The head of the government made it clear in his position that in Albania the powers are separated and Beler's fate will be decided by justice.

Referring to the special request to be released to take the oath, which Beleri addressed to the Directorate of Prisons, Rama said that the Supreme Court rejected it, underlining in the decision that these powers do not belong to the Director General of Prisons .



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