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Rama goes to Britain, Sunak takes stock: We returned 800 illegal immigrants

Rama goes to Britain, Sunak takes stock: We returned 800 illegal immigrants

Today the Prime Minister of the country Edi Rama held a meeting with his British counterpart Rishi Sunak in Britain.

The meeting was revealed by the British government, which clarified on the official website that the two politicians discussed, among other things, illegal immigration, where it is emphasized that so far 800 such have returned to Albania since December of last year.

It is also reported that a joint team of the two countries will monitor the capacities of the prison institutions in Albania, an assessment that will end in April.

According to the British government, such an operation will be carried out in order to return to the Motherland the convicts who are currently being treated in English prisons.

"Prime Minister Sunak and Prime Minister Rama committed to deepen the work within the framework of the Joint Communiqué and Task Force agreed in December, to advance our common priority in dealing with illegal migration and criminal gangs of people smuggling.

They discussed increased operational cooperation, including joint communications to prevent people from traveling in the first place, and further agreements on data sharing and passports. Leaders welcomed progress so far, with around 800 illegal immigrants returned to Albania since December, action against organized crime and new UK guidelines designating Albania a safe country.

On criminal justice cooperation, the leaders welcomed continued joint work on extraditions, prosecutions and forensic skills and the release of hundreds of prisoners under existing agreements. They agreed that a joint UK-Albanian team will carry out an assessment of Albania's prison capacity - to be completed by the end of April - with a view to returning all eligible Albanian nationals to the UK's prison system. United ", says the announcement.



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