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Transparency is missing, but the government does not withdraw from the Boards, the minister: We will keep them, they prevent abuses

Transparency is missing, but the government does not withdraw from the Boards,

While the price of oil in the international stock markets has suffered a significant drop, the opposite is happening in Albania. Despite the fall in the stock market, the price of oil in the country continues to rise.

At the last meeting, the Transparency Board decided to increase the price of oil by 6 Lek, bringing it to 227 Lek/liter, from 221 Lek/liter.

Although heavily criticized by the opposition and public opinion, the government does not withdraw from the Transparency Board.

The Minister of Economy and Finance, Delina Ibrahimaj, said in an interview for TV Klan that the Boards will continue with the determination of prices, in a period that according to her is uncertain about prices.

Ibrahimaj said that the merger of the boards could bring great abuses.

"As long as we are in conditions of uncertainty about the performance of prices, of energy in general and of fuels in particular, we will continue to hold the boards. This is not just about profit margins in normal situations. But in situations of speculation, in situations where expectations and uncertainties are high, these margins can increase even more", said the minister.

Asked why oil prices on the stock exchange are not immediately reflected in the local market, Ibrahimaj said that the Board takes refined oil prices as a reference point and not crude oil prices on the stock exchange, accusing the opposition of attacking the government.

"We try that every time the price of the stock market goes down, we gather immediately, while we postpone the gathering when the prices increase in order to keep the prices in the market as low as possible. The opposition in times of crisis seeks to destabilize even more. It constantly refers to the prices of crude oil, while the fluctuation of the stock exchange of the standard that we trade, is not the same as the fluctuation of the price of crude oil" , said Ibrahimaj.

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