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"I met with Balla", Tom Doshi: the SP has found the commissioners of Lul Basha

"I met with Balla", Tom Doshi: the SP has found the commissioners of

The chairman of the Social Democratic Party, Tom Doshi, confirmed that the former leader of the DP, Lulzim Basha, worked against the opposition and the Democratic Party in Shkodër.

He said on the show 'Top Story' that the commissioners of Basha were appointed by the Socialist Party, while they worked for Benet Beci in Shkodër.

Even Tom Doshi confirmed the meeting between Lulzim Basha and Taulant Balla.

" In 2021, SP received 16,000 votes in Shkodër, PSD received 9,000 votes, all together amounting to 34,000 votes.

Alibasha's party, Luli's party received 6 thousand votes. The SP found the commissioners of Lul Basha. Berisha should look for them within the species, don't come to look for them at me.

Without the PSD, Benet Beci does not win, they are my votes. I am the most voted deputy in a right-wing area. Here it hurts Berisha that I took away the right-wing electorate.

This time too, they no longer believe in Berisha, in Basha. Lul Basha goes to palace meetings with Taulant Balla, what will they believe?! He holds rallies, I did the campaign on social networks. Lul Basha is his scum, as long as he was in power, the minister did not leave him without taking him. Now he has turned out to be a traitor,"  Doshi said.

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