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"4 killed in 4 days", Berisha returns to Rama and Čuči: Your motto is 'each other's heads'

"4 killed in 4 days", Berisha returns to Rama and Čuči: Your motto

The chairman of the Democratic Party, Sali Berisha, has brought to attention the situation with order and security in the country, where 4 victims have been recorded in just a few days. The last case was yesterday with two killed in Kavaja.

Berisha said from the floor of the Assembly that the Prime Minister and the Minister of the Interior, Bledi Çuçi, have the motto "each other's head". According to the chief democrat, Rama attacks the media with tritole and dynamite, while at the height of the murders he declares that the order has never been better.

For Berisha, the government has lost even the most minimal responsibility.

"Finally, that minister of the family is not here, in 4 days, four killed. Under the motto; head each other. In the motto; License to kill, under the motto; the police don't exist, that's for sure. These are calculable conditions for the departure of Albanians. He attacks the media with tritol, with dynamite, like in Korea. He is the Minister of Crime, at the height of these murders, wait for him to declare that; order today is better than ever in history. You have lost the minimum responsibility" , said Berisha.

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