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July 7 / Berisha 'inspired' by theater defense: Preparing for a sustained prolonged movement

July 7 / Berisha 'inspired' by theater defense: Preparing for a

Berisha: If Skavica is a local cause, it is also a national one. Other great causes that have to do with our being, our culture, our identity are just as evident, the theater collapsed a national symbol was. The tower of Durrës collapsed, was it Venetian or Ottoman, was the heritage of our fathers whatever it was.

That tower showed protection. There was talk of universities, everything is being desolated. Teachers tell me how the number of students has decreased. A friend writes to me that 110 children have entered the first grade in Mirdita this year.

30% of cattle are extinct and the Open Balkans is expected to come, it is the end of our farmers. Milk dust floods and this is the food for Albanians.

There was talk of justice, Rama tells foreigners that we have made reforms. No one in the world agrees to do his reform.

That reform deprived Albanians of a fundamental right to a fair trial. Hundreds of houses are being razed like a thug state. The contract will be adhered to, the law will be applied. The state has reasons to demolish but it cannot demolish that drug clans want to build towers, and not without compensating for the damage it does.

Farmers protested yesterday that they had not received compensation, the law says. the causes are endless.

Each of us will know the solution. The clearest solution was given by Mr. Malko. Model, twice in 30 years our citizenship made the big mistake. On July 2, 1991, young people stormed the walls of embassies. We did not follow them. Second, the stoic civic movement of theater defenders. Resistance of the inhabitants of Astiri. I said that if the theater did not fall, Rama would fall. Today Rama would not be counting these causes, but the model passed again, the model is the civic movement that does not stop until victory. United in one movement until the full realization of the goals.

In this union will not need time, the result will be faster. We need to be prepared for a steady prolonged movement. Is it possible to respond to the causes. The main possibility is law enforcement. We have a regime that ignores no law.

Prepare for the inspiring model that the civic movement followed for the theater. I assure you that nothing will hinder our victory. I call on Albanians to unite in these causes, behind them stand extraordinary injustices, great thieves.

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