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Alizoti: The 'McGonigal' case is a tragicomedy for our nation

Alizoti: The 'McGonigal' case is a tragicomedy for our nation

The deputy of the Democratic Party, Tomorr Alizoti, has stated that the 'McGonigal' scandal is a tragedy for the nation and Albania, as the prime minister is the main subject of black chronicles in the USA and the world.

In the show 'Çim Peka Live', Alizoti demanded that the relativism of such important issues should end and that the prime minister should be held accountable for this scandal.

"I think that Rama's battle and Rama's people, because he is a media person, will relativize this issue, and I am sorry for this.

I would like all people who have common sense and have journalistic and political experience to leave the parties.

In this meeting, there is a very big scandal for such an important person, where the president and former president of the USA were pronounced, where the FBI official meets in Ramë's office with anonymous people, and this situation should not be trivialized. I think this is a big scandal of our country and Rama has scored a big own goal in his career.

Opposition people everywhere in the country should ask their Prime Minister to account for why the image of the Prime Minister of Albania is being muddied everywhere in the world. Tragedy and comedy are sister and brother, we are laughing at a great tragedy. ", he said.

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