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The appeal left Beleri in prison, Kaso: Expected decision, they want to remove him from politics

The appeal left Beleri in prison, Kaso: Expected decision, they want to remove

The secretary for legal affairs in the Democratic Party, Ivi Kaso, said that he was waiting for the decision of the Special Court of Appeal, which upheld Fred Beler's 2-year prison sentence.

Invited to Euronews Albania, he said that this is a completely political decision, influenced by Prime Minister Rama, who, according to Kaso, aims not only to win the governance of Himara, but also to remove Fredi Beleri from the political scene.

" As far as I am concerned, it was an expected decision. This decision does not come as a surprise to anyone who has followed the prime minister's very harsh rhetoric. A process which, despite the evidence of many facts, of the lack of witnesses, violates every standard of a regular legal process. The decision of the Court of Appeal was attempted to be taken in record time, so that this story would be closed before Beleri had the opportunity to receive that vote of confidence in the Greek state as well.

The panel of judges was not selected by electronic lottery. For me, it is a decision that aims to make it a reality at last, by giving it a pseudo-legal stamp, it is a story where the prime minister has sunk too deep without leaving us the possibility of the illusion that he could take steps behind. He does not only aim at the municipality of Himara, but also to take Beler out of political life. According to the decriminalization law, if no recourse is made to the Supreme Court, Beleri is excluded from political life and from holding public functions for 20 years", said Ivi Kaso.



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