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Audit on Russian lobbying, Berisha: Not a single Russian penny has entered or left the DP coffers

Audit on Russian lobbying, Berisha: Not a single Russian penny has entered or

The Audit Commission of the Democratic Party, set up to investigate whether there are 'signs' of Russian money received by Lulzim Basha within the party, came out today with a final report.

Announced earlier by the chairman of the party, Sali Berisha, the commission has audited all financial statements and relevant reports which have been deposited in the CEC.

According to the head of the commission, Ledina Mandija, from the verifications carried out, there is no trace of Russian money in PD.

"The Audit Group has begun its work by drafting a regulation, defining rules regarding the collection of documentation, since there was no documentation in the DP to facilitate the work. The receipt of independent legal audits has also been evaluated. Correspondence then continued with the prosecutor's office, the Court of Tirana and the CEC, who made available the complete files as well as the financial statements and relevant reports filed with the CEC. In DP, there was no internal regulation and there was no financial board, referring to the statutory obligations.

The resulting payments and verified by the auditors show that 25 thousand dollars have been paid in favor of 'Stoning Strategy' in implementation of the contract. A payment of 100,000 dollars was made. There was no formal connection with the entity 'Binata Trade. There is no source related to Russian money ," said Mandija.

Berisha said that not a single Russian penny received by Lulzim Basha has entered the coffers of the DP. The chief democrat said that while also referring to the investigations of the Prosecutor's Office that took Basha as a defendant, there is no new element.  

"Normally, it should not happen because our report does not have any new elements compared to the prosecutor's file that was investigated and closed by Edi Rama. We have nothing new, we only have this fact, that the DP has not a single penny in its coffers in or out of the 500 thousand dollars paid by Biniatta Trade, a Russian intelligence company in Scotland, on behalf of DP. There is no. This is the conclusion of our report. The prosecution knew this, the prosecution file has it, but the prosecution, which accused Lulzim Basha of money laundering, closed the file and took Basha hostage," said Berisha .

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