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'Open Balkans'/ Berisha: Rama, Soros, Vucic, Lavrov, in full tune

'Open Balkans'/ Berisha: Rama, Soros, Vucic, Lavrov, in full tune

Democratic President Sali Berisha, invited to the A Show, also stopped at the Open Balkans, where according to him the Prime Minister of Albania, Edi Rama, was directly involved in the projects of Serbia.

According to Berisha, Alexander Soros has also been a promoter of the great Serbian project of the Open Balkans, who has been present at all the meetings and in complete harmony with Sergei Lavrov.


Krasta: Recently, since the attempt to exchange territories, the Open Balkans, a great insistence and extraordinary investment of the Prime Minister of Albania and the behavior not of the modern statesman. If you, Dr. Berisha, had been the Prime Minister of Albania today, how would you have handled this event all these recent times.

Berisha: In my deep assessment and conviction, one of the factors of this whole process which not only does not stop, but goes from the smallest clash to the biggest clash like the one yesterday that Vucic called an uprising against hypothetical terror of Albin Kurti, Edi Rama played the most negative role.

Edi Rama was directly involved in the projects of Serbian independence, he was directly involved in the projects of division and exchange of territories and has been the main promoter.

Rama became the promoter of the second Serbian-Russian project 'Open Balkan'. Alexander Soros is also the main promoter here, and I call on the American government to stop his activity in foreign policy in the Balkans.

Today DASH has not one but many diplomats with knowledge of the Balkans.

George Soros became the promoter of the 'Open Balkans', it was the opening of the Balkans to Russia and all its satellites. Economically, it was a disaster for these countries. What was the Open Balkans, was Serbian hegemony. There is one country historically with the biggest interests in the Adriatic, and that country is Russia. This state closed in the Dardanelles will at all costs find the hot seas.

When Sergei Lavrov was blocked from traveling to Belgrade, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Montenegro and he said that I was going to support the 'Open Balkans', Alexander Soros was there and at every meeting of his.

Lavrov's complete harmony with Alexander Soros is real and undeniable. Edi Rama supported every initiative of Aleksandër Vucic. He opposed the Berlin Process for 2 years, he used to desecrate it, he said that he didn't remove it until someone took out the red card, and within a week he changed as if it wasn't this one.


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