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"The union was made, it cannot be undone", Gjekmarkaj: The February 20 protest was not a matter of numbers, but spirit and hope

"The union was made, it cannot be undone", Gjekmarkaj: The February 20

Democratic deputy Agron Gjekmarkaj has commented on the movements of the opposition after the large protest of February 20 in Tirana.

In a post on Facebook, Gjekmarjaj writes that many people came out for Sali Berisha in the protest, but adds that most of them had much more reasons than that.

He added that Edi Rama can only win through different and not with the same forms and methods that he himself uses.

Gjekmarkaj's reaction:

With the call of the Opposition, on February 20, a large protest was held on "Deshmoret e Kombit" Boulevard. In a way she disappointed everyone, some positively and others negatively.
The reasons why they come out are several. The DP union is the most fundamental element. This event is not a matter of numbers but of spirit and hope.

He achieved this. The basic instinct of a society that is bombarded hour by hour with governmental and diplomatic propaganda in the service of power operates in individual consciences. The indisputable lack of spaces of freedom where the voice and the opposition people can be represented has unbalanced everything.
The growing perception that Sali Berisha was arrested without charge in violation of the Constitution as chosen to be an example to everyone has caused questions.

Corrupt affairs, scandals with public money, the arrogance of a government which has turned 11 faces on us in 11 years, poor and already tired of rhetoric. Everyone uses 10 words per head! Rich only in arrogance and arrogance, their political language has turned into provocative for society. Prominent figures of this majority who have eaten "figs, plums, pears, honey, tasqebap, pache pilaf, kukurec, carrion behind their backs are in prison" no one holds responsibility for them either morally or politically. Centrally directed public discourse is focused on the opposition!

Create the impression that the government is corrupt - the opposition is to blame! Kopuku becomes a minister, it's the opposition's fault! The Albanians are leaving and the country is empty - the opposition is to blame! The constitution is broken and crime is rampant - the opposition is to blame! The elections are stolen - the opposition is to blame. The opposition protests in the assembly for transparency and accountability, 19 of its 23 deputies are excluded - the opposition is to blame!
Albanians are looking for integration, standards, welfare - we don't have them, the opposition is to blame. There is no north road, you can't travel through it, it's the opposition's fault. Albanians feel attacked everywhere and in everything, so they protest. They are giving credit to the opposition to read its desire for a radical change of it as a political party and of Albania at the same time.

The protest does not only require butts for the same chairs, but people who stand on their feet to serve society, not as commissars but as individuals and political groups with integrity, ideas, and alternatives. Of course, the PD structures also have their merits, but this time the people surpassed it and the PD should feel good, it should translate that message properly and not define it with old language and apparatchiks. People are not looking for the opposite in the similar but in the different. As the time of the elections approaches, I see that the serviles and hallezhins are increasing.

The Albanian political parties SP and PD have many such, but many which in their legislation aim at the ears and emotions of the Leader. They want to show loyalty to the point of stupidity to the point of public destruction of character. To the question, do many people come out for Sali Berishen in the protests, the answer is of course yes, but most of them come out for all the same reasons! But they are much more than that! They told the opposition to hurry, run, follow the desire for change and respond to it with programs, ideas, offers and new people as much as possible! Berisha has been the leader for 34 years, and not all of his fellow citizens should be the "new" face of the DP.

He takes this position by vote, although personally I would have preferred another reality, if the others as "loyal" to him survive? Is that enough! Everyone is needed, but everyone should be reasonable to increase the numbers, not destroy themselves by "raising" Berisha to return your place on the list.

The union was made, it does not fade anymore, it was the minimum as an obligation to the people. Now we must become winners and not servile. Let's remain critical and gather around us everyone who loves their opinion and respects the majority. We need all those democrats and citizens who believe in Spak, we need all those who do not want conflict with the US embassy in Tirana.
This is how we beat Edi Ramen, with the difference! I have doubts about his same forms.




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