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Berisha: The police director of Lezha, a dirty trafficker, was a soldier of Erion Braçe

Berisha: The police director of Lezha, a dirty trafficker, was a soldier of

My friends, fear to the core is not the answer.
The director of the police of Lezha, Mitri, a vile trafficker who, instead of order, did the traffic, who opened the port of Shengjin for the passage of huge loads of drugs, but we all know that he was a soldier of Erion Braçe.
Are you also afraid of Bracja, poor thing?
How can you not tell the Albanians that a deputy prime minister helped him and you don't tell them that he was helped by Erion Pluhuri, Erion Droga.
My friends, this platform is the platform of great truths.
It is the platform for the protection of rights, of great national truths.
But who administers the gangs of Durrës? One man and only one man and he is Edi Rama. They steal for Edi Rama, traffic for Olsi and Edi Rama, beat people in bars like crazy for Edi Rama.
Journalists, the nation is in great trouble because it is these mafia families and Edi Rama their godfather, Albanians do not find a place in Albania.
Albanians leave this country more than any other invasion in history.
Therefore, once again, I invite you to continue this battle, today or never, until complete victory.
Find out about the overthrow, the cleaning of the municipality by Erion Veliaj.
The creation of the technical government.
Free choices.
Victory of the opposition.
I will close by thanking once again with the greatest respect the spokesman of the spirit of the Albanian nation, Çun Lajçi.
And all the Albanians that this invincible voice that emanates from the depths of the soul represents.
Thank you.
Win, win, win!


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