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Berisha: Women contribution to the re-establishment of PD! More women and girls in primary for local elections

Berisha: Women contribution to the re-establishment of PD! More women and girls

Democratic Party Chairman Sali Berisha praised the role of women in re-establishing the DP.

During a meeting at the blue headquarters with the women's forum, Berisha encouraged women and girls to become part of the primaries for local election candidates next year.

"The DP must achieve as soon as possible that your role and country have it at that level, in the position it should be. Some progress has been made in this process, but these are only the first steps. We are not in the goal we have, the goal is natural that we have set, full equality between men and women in this force. This is not only morally a vital objective for social emancipation, for the development and unfolding of all our potentials, but it becomes much more important today because we are dealing with official policies of criminalization of this society.

In some of the meetings I have had, I regret that if you take a look at our audiences, they are completely undeservedly masculine. And from here we express as PD the great commitment. But on the other hand victory passes only through you, I say this with the deepest conviction. Victory passes through the constituency woman, girl. This constituency is more powerful in the electoral field than the other constituency. This constituency is more numerous, but it is also much more active in election campaigns. Therefore, without any discussion, the victory of the Democratic Party, which is vital today for the fate of the Albanian society, passes by the democratic girls and women of Albania.

We are now on the eve of the local election campaign. I am much happier than the first, or the first man who came to me to express his desire to run for mayor of her hometown, was a lady. After we talked about the problems he had, he told me that I had in mind. I say, a standard word, which we have as primary. Exactly, he told me, if I had previously told my brother only about a task, I would lobby and win. I invite you to be part of the primary race and then the race for mayors and councilors. "I really want to see as many girls and women in positions as possible, who are absolutely responsible in their duties", said Berisha.  

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