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Berisha addresses Duman: Where did the funds come from to build three houses?

Berisha addresses Duman: Where did the funds come from to build three houses?

The head of the DP, Sali Berisha, addressed a concrete question to Altin Duman, the head of SPAK, how he justifies the funds to buy three houses.

From the civic gathering, Berisha accuses Duman of making the Constitution the statute of his party, which he kicks every day.

Berisha : Albanian justice is the biggest disaster after the fall of the Iron Curtain in Europe.

It is the most hostage-taking system set up anywhere.

See who presides over the Special Court. Look who she is.

Once again, I appeal tonight: tell the Albanians, have you been expelled from a neighboring country? Have you been punished by a neighboring country for dirty work? Or are you there and shining?

Shame on you, I tell you.

What about you Duman, who until 2016 had three apartments registered with your and your wife's salary, Albanians and Albanians, ask yourself which of you could buy three apartments with your salary in the state and with some translations?

None, none, none!

Duman, after 54 years of work, I managed to buy 30 square meters of apartment more than I had during the dictatorship.

Where did you get the funds to build three houses? Or if Edi Rama knows and holds you by the scruff of the neck.

Tell the Albanians and leave that you have made the Constitution the statute of your party that kicks it every day.

What about the other one, Kraja? What about Sadushi with secret vetting? What about Panda with secret vetting?

Sir, this is hostage justice, hostage justice, the ugliest in the history of a country.

Everything is controlled by Edi Rama.

In order to control it, I must inform them since they set the censorship and the citizens have the opportunity to get the truth only on the Street of Hope, only from this window, every night I will publish new news.




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