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Berisha appealed to the Democrats: This will be the autumn of protests, people are ready

Berisha appealed to the Democrats: This will be the autumn of protests, people

The head of the DP, Sali Berisha, announced the start of the protests before the members of the National Council of the DP.

According to him, the citizens are waiting for their mobilization and that the time has come to switch to various forms of resistance, revolt and peaceful uprising.

"This will be the autumn of protests or the spring of democracy. People are ready, we just wait for mobilization. They mobilize when they understand that we are serious. When they are convinced that we will go to the end of our mission.

I don't find a single one who doesn't say that protest and only protest can save Albanians from this regime. The situation is depressing and will worsen even further on the moral level if we do not reach our mission, we have not stopped. Time has passed, not coming. The time of powerful and comprehensive protests is passing. Every day is a loss, we must be honest with the citizens, if we have a magic wand to show them that Edi Rama is determined to respect your will, then normally he will think otherwise. This is damaging the trust in us.

Where they have projected trust, there they see immobility and take the streets and run away, so every democrat and every leader must do everything to motivate and mobilize the PD in the first place, which must rise to the level of temperatures the high level of hatred among the citizens, the hatred that the citizens have and the extraordinary dissatisfaction they have with this government. We have to move to various forms of resistance, revolts, peaceful uprisings", declared Berisha.


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