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Berisha in the DP Assembly: I rejected the co-governance proposal with Rama, today I have a son-in-law who is a political prisoner

Berisha in the DP Assembly: I rejected the co-governance proposal with Rama,

The head of the DP, Sali Berisha, has brought back to attention the proposal of the former democratic leader Lulzim Basha on the eve of the 2021 elections for co-governance with Edi Rama.

From the National Assembly of DP, Berisha said that the declaration 'non grata' and the investigation by SPAK, as a result of which his son-in-law Jamarbër Malltezi was arrested, comes as a result of the opposition to the proposal to co-govern in the April 25 elections.

"In 2013, Edi Rama made the first coup against the parliament. He criminalized it, filled it with common criminals and dressed them in the costume of a deputy.

After the decriminalization law, Edi Rama staged a second coup against the parliament, this time in an attempt to create a facade opposition. He took the leader of the opposition hostage and aimed to create a pseudo-opposition and had planned that with this opposition mold, they would govern at the expense of the Albanians. De facto, to harm Albanian democracy.

Here too, Edi Rama failed. Together we broke the dream of co-governance with the pseudo-opposition.

Did we have a cost for this? Of course yes.

From the day I rejected co-governance with Edi Rama, which was proposed to me by Lulzim Basha's chief advisers, I became a non-woman and today I have a son-in-law who is a political prisoner.

And now what was left for Edi Rama? He finally showed in the eyes of the whole world who he really is.

He decided to make a coup d'état to the parliament within the state.

But we succeeded, we saved the opposition, we saved the parliament. Our parliamentary group, and I salute the deputies wherever they are, in this hall and wherever they are, with civil disobedience, plunged into illegality the parliament of crime, the parliament of dictatorship, the parliament of the narco-state.

But when the opposition is denied every possible right given by the Constitution, when the guard turns into a police against the opposition, when the budget passes in 4 minutes, when the Constitution is violated every day, can Albania be called a parliamentary republic.

There is only one answer: In Albania, the dictatorship of gangs, crime and drugs has returned, we will overthrow it.

Standing, democrats and democrats, civil disobedience is our oath", said Berisha.

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