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Berisha: Protests to remove the government as soon as possible, we are in existential danger

Berisha: Protests to remove the government as soon as possible, we are in

Chief Democrat Sali Berisha held a conversation with farmers today. Berisha said that in order to overthrow the Rama government, protests are needed as there are dozens of businesses that are going bankrupt and dozens of farmers that are heading towards bankruptcy.

Berisha emphasized that today tourism is in ruins, while security and order are being shaken every day by murders.

"If we don't remove this government as soon as possible, in the next meeting we will do nothing but mourn more than this. So we have to rise. Today there are tens and thousands of businesses that are going bankrupt, closing their doors. Today there are tens of thousands of farmers who are heading towards bankruptcy. There is only one way of protest and only protest, let's get rid of it. This is a government that does not care about Albanian citizens. You said it nicely here, he didn't even ask us. Whoever you ask, has anyone asked you about this law or this decision. Absolutely not! Never! This country has never had a weaker prime minister than this man. This, in addition to deceiving every day, in addition to showing cynicism and disregard, does not reflect even the most elementary notions of knowledge in a certain field. He says agriculture is doing very well, agriculture is benefiting from the open balkans, tourism is more perfect... tourism is on the brink. Excellent order...every day our countries are killed and bled. Let's stand up because we are in great danger, in real existential danger. A nation where 744 thousand citizens leave in 6 years. I am confident that with will, courage and determination we will show the place to this government and I guarantee you that we will fully realize all the projects and platforms for agriculture", said Berisha.

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