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Berisha: Rama supported the Russian-Serbian Open Balkans project

Berisha: Rama supported the Russian-Serbian Open Balkans project

The head of the Democratic Party, Sali Berisha, during his speech at today's parliamentary session, commented on the statements of Prime Minister Edi Rama about the tensions in the north of Kosovo.

Berisha accused Rama of being "Vucic's henchman", who worked for the "project of dismemberment of Kosovo".

" Nikola Pashiq is also the most cruel, merciless, barbaric, cruel prime minister against the Albanians. Peja, other provinces of Kosovo during the Balkan wars. Pashiq is the author of the most monstrous crimes for which Trotsky says he filled Vardar with the heads of Albanians. Michael Martin finds Edi Rama, 100% comparable, because Edi Rama, from the day he came to power until September 25, became the leading lawyer of all Serbian projects. He became as much an enemy of the Albanians of Kosovo and the Albanian nation as Alexander himself. Vucic.

After the visit to Belgrade, Edi Rama committed himself in the most persistent way to the realization of the project of the division and fragmentation of Kosovo. That's why Michael Martin says that, after Pašić, he is the best prime minister of Serbia.

Edi Rama, after failing in the project of fragmentation and division of Kosovo, as Vučić's argat, engaged with all his potential for the Russian-Serbian Open Balkans project. He put Kosovo in tongs, only to submit it to a project that marked the establishment of Serbian hegemony in the 21st century, unfortunately again after 100 years in the Balkan region. Is there any more defamed arga more disfigured than this one. Is there a bigger albanophobe in Albanian history than Edi Rama?" said Berisha. 


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