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Berisha: Rama did not win the elections, but stole them

Berisha: Rama did not win the elections, but stole them

The head of the DP, Sali Berisha, this afternoon held a meeting with the citizens in Kamez with the supporters. In his speech, Berisha emphasized that Edi Rama did not win the elections, but stole them.

Berisha:  I don't want to cover any flaws of the DP, here in front of you and nowhere, but all those who tell the real truth, in case the difference was 110 thousand votes, the distribution of 683 thousand envelopes between electoral campaign for pensioners, the distribution of tens of millions of euros for earthquake disasters in the middle of the electoral campaign.

The granting of tens of thousands of permits, licenses and legalizations, all in absolute violation of the law.

Removal from the ballot of the DP and its chairman.

The use of gangs to terrorize citizens, gangs that have killed 20-25 people, the distribution of tens of hundreds of millions of euros at hand.

Only one party which has not held a single meeting in its entire existence, but goes with bags of money, Doshi's party, grew in 2 years, 240%. You think Toma is the biggest pareli? No, it's not. He wins 3,000 tenders a year from Rama and returns part of the money he earns to votes.

But Edi Rama, the government are the ones who have the most money.

all these taken together, how many votes do they make? I don't have an exact figure, but I know that with the money in hand, Doshi's party grew 240 percent.

Why do I dwell on this? I stop because Edi Rama did not win the elections and he who steals never wins, but steals.

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