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Berisha: SPAK has wiretapping where Veliaj orders Mërtir to pay Bolino, Blushi, Fuga

Berisha: SPAK has wiretapping where Veliaj orders Mërtir to pay Bolino,

Chief Democrat Sali Berisha held the weekly conference with journalists, as he declared that the incinerator of Tirana does not belong to Mërtir and Zoto, but the real owner is the mayor Veliaj.

Berisha stated that SPAK has evidence, including communications and e-mails, that prove his claims.

He added that SPAK investigators and prosecutors should lock these documents in the safe, as according to him there are attempts to eliminate these evidences.

" What do the latest discoveries have? The latest discoveries prove what I have been telling you continuously. The company belongs to Erion Veliaj.

Today, in the SPAK file there are messages, emails, in which the owner of the non-existent burner, Erion Veliaj, ordered Mërtir to give 200 thousand euros to Karlo Bolino, 100 thousand euros to Fuga, 100 thousand euros to Blushi.

The list goes on, but I'll stop with these three.

So it was this first owner who ordered that so much money be given to this or that.

This is the truth.

Why did I say this here? I said this first in support of the thesis that I have put forward that entrepreneurship can never be Mertiri-Zoto. This can never happen.

I have also been told the percentages of Veliaj's shares. But I'm holding back.

I made this announcement that attempts are being made to eliminate the fascicles in the SPAK file.

If there are honest prosecutors, they should lock this document in the safe with three keys, which proves in the most definitive way the ownership of the Tirana burner.

They lock it, even distribute photocopies of it," said Berisha.

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