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Bylykbashi presents the Political Dialogue Mechanism: Main issue, the return of coalitions with composite lists

Bylykbashi presents the Political Dialogue Mechanism: Main issue, the return of

In a meeting with the democrats in Durrës, the vice president of the DP, Oerd Bylykbashi, presented the Political Dialogue Mechanism.

' It is a difficult mechanism, there are no well-defined rules, but all the more this makes us as the opposition to be maximally contributory so that our offer is clear to the public, of course to the allies, and hardly objectionable.

As a main issue, we think that we must definitely return to what was a political agreement not only with political consensus, but also with international support. So to the agreement of June 5.

It was an agreement, in that state as it was, if the foundations of the Constitution had not been affected, the opposition coalition would be in power today.

The main issue there is the return of coalitions with composite lists, the coalition as we knew it in 2013.

Practically every party of the coalition has the right to have its name on the ballot paper, clearly visible, its box to vote, to collect the votes it belongs to and through that vote, every party of the coalition has the opportunity to get the mandate.

In this way, the result will be correct. Today we have proof that as a party, LSI in 2021 received 108 thousand votes and only 4 mandates. PSD only with 30 thousand votes, got 3 mandates. Something like this is to the detriment of all parties, especially to the detriment of small parties.

We're also totally into open listings. The voter has the right to determine the candidate who will be elected and be a representative of the respective party.

Another important issue is the handling of OSCE/ODIHR recommendations.

These are also related to the June 5 agreement, but they are the ones that have been highlighted as the biggest problems in the elections: buying and selling of votes, violation of the secret ballot, use of the state to exert pressure, use of state resources in favor of government candidates even through government acts, such as salary increases, because this is prohibited because it affects the electoral process.

We intend to treat seriously, supported by clear examples, the problem of purchasing the right to vote.

People are given money, threatened and stay at home. They are not allowed to vote. It is practically a cancellation of the right to vote.

Other countries have the practice of compulsory voting. Voting is a right, but this is a mechanism that guarantees this right. No one threatens to leave them at home, but a right of the person is guaranteed.

Violation of the freedom to vote through patronage or through personal data, the exercise of pressure by the state requires a strong and clear intervention in the electoral code. But we will also demand the strengthening of criminal penalties. We will tighten the screws on SPAK or the institutions that have not done anything to date.

An important issue is the diaspora vote. All data show that the majority of citizens with the right to vote are abroad.

What we propose is a simplified, clear mechanism so that these citizens who also contribute money to this country, have the right and be the factor that overturns the control mechanisms that the government establishes.

We will also have to address the issue of electronic voting. On the one hand it is a great guarantee, but if it is misused, it damages trust.

And finally, making all sanctions effective. If we write on paper and do not make them effective, all this does not have the expected result.

We all think of doing this not only in complete and technical coordination of the opposition parties, but also in partnership with the OSCE/ODIHR and the Council of Europe so that what we offer will be solid.

Of course, no one guarantees that Edi Rama will have the will to do it, but our battle is what we are doing together, that at the moment when the number of votes will be a wave, any legal framework, good or bad, cannot handle it. ', said Bylykbashi. 

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