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The democratic deputy "strikes" again: Only circumcisions are performed in the Lushnja hospital

The democratic deputy "strikes" again: Only circumcisions are

We have often faced the irony of the democratic MP Saimir Korreshi, who mainly in the plenary sessions confronts the reality of the city where he lives without filters.

This is what happened this Monday in the session in the Assembly.

While talking about the situation in Lushnje, Koreshi listed some problems that come from this city, from the merger of the court and the prosecution, within the new judicial map, to the situation in the hospital.

Among the irony, he also said that only circumcisions are performed in the Lushnja hospital.

"I thank you for removing the court and the Prosecutor's Office from us. Kismet inshalla comes out in September, let's make the beach comfortable too. Thank goodness we missed the Vlora Appeal, we thought we'd go to the capital. Reforms in justice continue at a vigorous pace. We are also running out of directories. A city with 200,000 inhabitants no longer has any directory.

See if you solve this problem. The whole tribe went to Fier, because you are there for circumcision. My uncle was circumcised, but it was done from the gall. Thankfully everything went well and we had a picnic after the whole tribe went by bus.

We have the smell of olives in any month of the year. I'm just touching on one thing. The tomato and lettuce are gone, what will we do with the watermelon? How will you calculate it for wheat? A thank you comes for the city stream because if we swallow something there we will find it", said Korreshi.

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