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PD MP: Motion with debate on the 'McGonigal' case, the only thing that the Assembly should do tomorrow!

PD MP: Motion with debate on the 'McGonigal' case, the only thing that

The deputy of the Democratic Party, Tritan Shehu, has requested that tomorrow in the Assembly there should be nothing else on the agenda but the "motion with debate" on the "McGonigal" issue.

In a post on Facebook, the sheikh writes that tomorrow the opposition must again demand the resignation of the head of the government, Edi Rama.

Shehu's reaction:

"Motion with debate" for the McGonigal issue, the only thing that should be done tomorrow by the Assembly!

Nothing else on the agenda for tomorrow....only "Motion with debate".

This is what everyone should ask for!

We asked for this in the last session.

Not only that the majority did not accept it, but also excluded five MPs from the works!

No doubt due to pressure and "parliamentary violence", according to its methods.

And this at a time when a broad debate in Parliament is necessary.

So let's do it tomorrow now, demanding the resignation of Ram as a conclusion!

A debate where the majority of MPs express their thoughts, doubts, attitudes about this large-scale scandal.

Not only this for the relations with the USA, but also for the dictatorial ways of hitting the opposition.

In these conditions, nothing else can replace that debate.

Nothing else makes sense and should be on the agenda for tomorrow.

Or even worse, that fulfills Ram's desire to turn the broad debate into a "duet" with his own "first voice".

Therefore, tomorrow all colleagues, why not also the leftists, but especially the opposition...

They should "waste" time and energy just looking for this "Motion with debate".

Anything less than the minimum has no value.

Everything else risks turning into a blur to cover up the scandal and Ram's involvement in it.


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