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Document/ How Edi Rama rewarded Carlo Bolino by forgiving him 1.44 million euros

Document/ How Edi Rama rewarded Carlo Bolino by forgiving him 1.44 million euros

Jamarbër Malltezi has accused Prime Minister Edi Rama of abusing the law to forgive the land to Carlo Bolino.

Malltezi has published the documents that show how Rama approved 3 VKM within 7 months to forgive the state property to Bolino, which today results in properties almost adjacent to the former Partizani Sports Club.

Malltezi continues his writing by underlining the fact that Biolino had to pay a rent worth 1.44 million euros for 20 years, but the head of the government rewarded the propaganda made by the television owned by the Italian who benefited him with 1 euro for 20 years.

Full reaction from Jamarbër Malltezi:

"Yesterday, everyone clearly saw how Edi Rama returned the state to the service of the government and his friend Carlo Bolino. We knew that Edi Rama approved 3 VKM within 7 months to forgive his Bolino.

BUT yesterday it turned out that there were 4 VKM plus Building Permits signed by Edi Rama in just 9 months, the State in Rama's private service!

Bolino had to pay €6,000 monthly rent (€72,000 per year or €1.44 million in 20 years), BUT when he shares the business with Edi Ramen, he gets it for €1 for 20 years!

Edi Rama must answer to the law because only 2 months after he signed the rental contract, he also gave Bolino a BUILDING PERMIT for the building while the contract had only the obligation of reconstruction!

Two months later, he adds another 870 m2 to his gift to Bolinas. 7 months after giving 3 buildings and 4894 m2 with symbolic rent, Edi Rama makes a decision to demolish the 3 buildings that he had rented! Why? Except to steal the land of the owners?

BUT Edi Rama has signed VKM that contradicts the contract in force!!! The contract talks about reconstruction, not demolition! Who will bear the responsibility that the contract contradicts VKM? Or SPAK = SNUK?

2 months after the demolition, VKM signs a contract amendment with VKM! But it still talks about "Total Minimalist Reconstruction" and not about the destruction of the rental property!

Another legal violation was that according to clause 5.18 of the contract, the lessee cannot allow public property as collateral! BUT Bolino did it and Linda Rames' BANK gave him a loan even though the contract forbade it!

3 buildings are demolished to give gifts to Bolino! In violation of many points of the contract that are in force! Now Bolino has built a new building. YES, who does this new building belong to? That there is no provision for a new building in the contract!

The land was left for "Waqf" by the owners, Edi Rama stole it with Bolino. There is alienation of property here! That land partly belonged to Begeja and partly to other families. BUT when the Urban Regulatory Plan was being drawn up and it was suggested for the Gymnasium, then the owner families did not continue with the procedures for the physical return of the property. It was left as "waqf".

Can you expect prosperity from those who steal Waqf? ", writes Malltezi.

Document/ How Edi Rama rewarded Carlo Bolino by forgiving him 1.44 million euros


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