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Two days before the Primaries, Berisha sent a message to the Democrats: Historic day for PD and Albania

Two days before the Primaries, Berisha sent a message to the Democrats: Historic


Two days before the primary elections, a process that takes place for the first time, the leader of the Democratic Party, Sali Berisha, conveyed a message to the democrats and sympathizers.

Berisha appealed not only to the contestants, but also to the voters who do everything for a dignified process.

Berisha : Good afternoon and greetings democrats and democrats, supporters and sympathizers of the Democratic Party.

Two days separate us from the biggest event after the founding of the Democratic Party until today, the voting for the candidates, for the first citizens of the country's municipalities who competed during this period and are eagerly awaiting your vote, your trust, your participation, in the electoral process of December 4 and which takes place throughout the country.

Thanking you very gratefully, members and members, sympathizers and sympathizers, all candidates who participated in the race, leaders of the party, groups and sections, I make the most friendly appeal to you, to do everything for a dignified process that gives you , to the Democratic Party and the Albanian society, much respect, which expands and consolidates your freedoms, for voting in the primaries on December 4.

Your participation is a special contribution. I know that you have done a lot of work, but now you are invited to speak, to sign with your vote for the best candidate that you believe, that you think.

I am very confident that we will make this day of historical importance not only for DP but for Albania.

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