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"I won in the capital", Kelliçi: The gap deepened in the suburbs, where votes are bought!

"I won in the capital", Kelliçi: The gap deepened in the

The candidate of the opposition for the municipality of Tirana, Belind Kelliçi, has stated that the result of the elections in Tirana does not reflect reality.

Invited to the Task Force show, he said that he is a winner in the city and a loser in the capital's villages.

It was at this point that Kelliçi expressed his strong conviction that his gap with Veliaj deepened the more he went "towards the poor suburbs, where votes are bought, where citizens are blackmailed, where there have been family votes."

Asked by journalist Sonila Meço if he really believed in victory, Këlliçi gave a clear "yes" and argued:

 " I really believe today that we are talking about this result that came out in these elections in Tirana does not reflect the reality of the city of Tirana. does not reflect the truth in Tirana. The problem has been here and we need to tell him some truths.

Undoubtedly, the process is distorted, it is manipulated, the citizens have been intimidated, there has been terror against the public administration, there has been terror against the employees of the municipality of Tirana, the same ones who wrote to me and brought me data all the time, but yes a process of a deep analysis from our side also begins.

Intimidated or not, blackmailed or not, bought the votes or not, got the cards (that there are two categories of people who did not come out - there is a part that were disappointed or thought that it was not worth coming out because they did not they can return the result, but there is another part whose card was bought: the card was taken from him on Friday, he was given the money and the card was returned to him on Monday just to buy the boycott.

There are a number of categories of citizens who did not turn out to vote, but if we had had a high turnout, 50%, 55 or 60% would have been enough to overturn it.

58 mijë vota diferencë, po, sepse në Tiranë ....Ja të jap një të dhënë konkrete. Në Tiranë unë kam fituar 96 kuti nga 941. Nga këto 96, 86 kuti janë fituar brenda vijës së verdhë, brenda qytetit. Në qytet, kam fituar 6 kuti në zonën e Bllokut, në njësinë nr.5, në rrugën e Elbasanit, në Pazarin e Ri, në gjysmën e “Myslym Shyrit”, në “21 Dhjetori”, në rrugicat që lidhin “Myslym Shyrin” me Rrugën e Kavajës, te një pjesë e Rrugës së Kavajës,te njesia 8, 5 Maji, shtëpitë private tek Unaza e Re, ato që pretendonte Veliaj se i kishte fituar, por janë mashtrime. Edhe 5 Maji është mashtrim, është fituar edhe fituar me 70% nga unë.

The problem is here: In another 240 boxes we have a difference with Veliaj up to 20 votes that are all 100% in the city focused and the closer you get to the suburbs, the gap begins and deepens, the difference between Veliaj and me and when it goes then in deep areas, in Zall Herr, Kasalle, in Dritas, Krrabë, the difference is up to 80% in favor of Veliaj, while in the meantime let's go together and make a show tomorrow if you want, live and ask every resident in these areas when have you ever seen Veliaj here in eight years or who is the only investment he has made here.

The result does not reflect the truth on the ground, it is a terrible machine of vote buying, blackmail, violence, pressure. It goes to the poor suburbs, where votes are bought, where citizens are blackmailed, where there was family voting. "


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