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"The villages will have investments and attention" Kelliçi in Kashar: I will be the mayor of all

"The villages will have investments and attention" Kelliçi in


The candidate of the Opposition for the Municipality of Tirana, Belind Kelliçi, has presented his program for the relief of the cost of living, to the residents of Kashari.

In the meeting attended by dozens of citizens, he explained once again which will be the layers of society that will benefit the most from free public transport.

"I'm not doing this for the rich, I'm not doing it for the oligarchs. I am doing this for young people, for the elderly, for students, for families in need. For those honest citizens who switch between two bus lines a day, spend 1,600 ALL per day on transportation, to go to work, to receive a salary of 450,000 ALL or 400,000 ALL per month and pay 10% of the monthly salary for transportation public", said Kelliçi.

He said that he is proud to come as a candidate, where there is not a single charge against him for abuse of public finances, as is the case with Erion Veliaj.

According to Këlliç, the current mayor has exhausted all the criminal offenses contained in the Penal Code, where the most serious is the one for the loss of life of Ardi Gjoklaj in the Sharra landfill.

"I have no accusation that I have touched a penny of the state budget, that I have signed a corrupt affair, or that I have done a single cent of harm to my country, or to Tirana or Albania. And this is my greatest pride. In front of me is a young man, because he is still young, who has consumed every charge that the Criminal Code has."

"Starting from corruption, the connection with the mafia, the connection with Ndragheta, the connection with the garbage mafia, to that little boy who lost his life, Ardit Gjoklaj, who lost his life in the Sharra landfill, which I will never and forever forget I will mention that I have a moral obligation to his family".

Further, during the conversation, Kelliçi showed how the municipality headed by Veliaj has abandoned the village, not making investments in rural areas. He promised that he will be a mayor at the service of all citizens, while he committed that the heads of administrative units will not only have more decision-making powers, but they will be elected by the citizens themselves.

"I promise you that the first thing I will do is that we will invest in infrastructure, that the roads are at the mercy of fate. I will prioritize the issue of drinking water and irrigation water because I know you have a problem, because I live with you, I meet you.:

"If it is for Erion Veliaj, it is up to him to have 24 hours of drinking water 24 hours a day, but this is not true. I will be a mayor at your service. The administrative unit of Kashari, your mayor will be chosen by you himself and Belind Kelliçi will not bring him in. He will give him more powers, delegate more decision-making", said Këlliçi.


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