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Gazment Bardhi request to SPAK for the 'McGonigal' case: Inform us about the investigations for Edi Rama

Gazment Bardhi request to SPAK for the 'McGonigal' case: Inform us

The Chairman of the DP Parliamentary Group Gazment Bardhi addressed today an official request to the SPAK requesting information on the progress of the investigations in Albania of the 'McGonigal' case.

Bardhi's request comes after former FBI agent Charles F. McGonigal pleaded guilty on Friday to the Albanian dossier.  

"Following the legal procedures followed in the United States of America in relation to this matter, occurred before the reasonable suspicions about the commission by the citizen Edi Rama of the criminal offenses reported by us, pursuant to Article 110 of the Criminal Code. Criminal, we ask to be informed about the progress of the investigation of this case at the Prosecutor's Office that you lead, while maintaining and without violating investigative secrecy." - says the letter

So far, there is no official information from SPAK whether or not it has requested from the American judiciary a copy of the file and whether it has started investigations against Prime Minister Edi Rama in Albania.

In January of this year, Bardhi filed criminal charges against Edi Rama regarding the McGonigal affair, presenting data on the commission of 4 criminal offenses:

1. Active corruption of foreign public officials;

2. False declaration of assets, private interests of elected persons and public servants;

3. Cleaning the products of the criminal offense or criminal activity;

4. Structured criminal group and the commission of the criminal offense by the structured criminal group.



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