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"Albanian criminals"/ British media: Albanian MP criticizes Braverman, feels threatened by her comments

"Albanian criminals"/ British media: Albanian MP criticizes Braverman,

The British media have once again devoted an article to the issue of Albanian immigration to Great Britain. After the "massacre" that the British Home Secretary, Suella Braverman did to the Albanian immigrants, this time it was the democratic deputy, Jorida Tabaku, who "sharpened the swords".

Speaking on GB News , Albanian MP Jorida Tabaku criticized the Home Secretary of the United Kingdom for "separating" the community of the Eastern European nation.

" I studied in the United Kingdom and as an Albanian I felt very threatened by her comments. As a politician, I felt sorry that the amazing Albanian community was being singled out, attacked and harassed just because they had a problem. We have to admit that there is a problem that needs to be addressed by both sides. There is a problem in Great Britain with the system that exists there, but there is also a problem in Albania because people are fleeing. The increase in the rate of people's departure should make us politicians in Albania understand that it should be dealt with from within and not just leave the blame on the side of the United Kingdom ", said Tabaku.

GB News writes that “The Home Secretary has repeatedly called for tougher action on asylum seekers who cross the Channel with the aim of making a new life in the UK. Braverman previously referred to "Albanian criminals" helping migrants cross the Channel during a Commons debate last year, sparking controversy and debate.

The event comes as the Albanian Prime Minister, Edi Rama, reprimanded the Secretary of the Interior before a meeting with his counterpart Rishi Sunak, describing her behavior as "shameful".

Speaking to the BBC, he said: “Unfortunately we have seen ourselves and our community singled out in this country for political purposes. It has been a very, very embarrassing moment for British politics. This has been a very low point in our relationship, but there is a will to overcome it."

Asked if Braverman's comments were taken the wrong way, Tabaku says the Interior Secretary has been telling the same story for a long time.

" This has been going on for months and she has repeated this several times. It is true that there are Albanians connected to organized crime, but these are a minority of a minority. Most Albanians there, where there is a large community of 200,000 Albanians, are doing quite well. We have students there, we have business owners and entrepreneurs. The minority of the minority does not represent the best of our country. These comments were repeated several times and I was happy when I saw the British Prime Minister say that he was sorry that this was taken as an occasion" , said Tabaku.

Sunak's official spokesperson said: “I think we will definitely continue to make sure we talk about this topic in a factual, fair and empathetic way. And that's the tone you've been hearing from the Prime Minister throughout this. We are looking first and foremost to stop people making dangerous journeys that have seen people lose their lives.”

He added: "We value the Albanian community in the UK and welcome any Albanian traveling to the UK legally and contributing to British society. However, the reality is that we are currently seeing a large number of Albanian citizens risking their lives to make dangerous and illegal journeys to Great Britain, and this burdens the asylum system."

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