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Ivi Kaso: The problems in the DP did not start on September 9, as the vote for the presidency was distorted

Ivi Kaso: The problems in the DP did not start on September 9, as the vote for

Ivi Kaso, former legal and election secretary of the Democratic Party, says that the problems in the Democratic Party started before September 9, when Berisha was expelled from the parliamentary group.

" It is a myth that the problems in the DP started after September 9. It's not true, the problems there have been. People have talked, done as much as they could inside the forums. The DP came after a very demoralizing loss, especially to DP members, to those who had hoped the change would happen on April 25th.

This is why it was appropriate to deepen all the problems that were deepening day by day, people to talk inside the forums, to talk inside the forums. Such were the demands for inclusion, even the critical voices to have their space, to unfold their platform, so that the DP, from an organism that was dying day by day, would return, become a living mechanism , said Kaso in an interview with CNN A2.

Further, Kaso also showed how the vote for the DP leadership was distorted. 

" Despite what was discussed in the meetings of the presidency and was requested and despite what was promised by Basha for the opening of the race, there were expectations that were disappointed. We saw that the race was repeated within the DP, I am talking about the meeting of the National Council when the race for a member of the presidency was proposed, which by order from above excluded all those who were considered as opponents of Mr. Basha.

 There were allegations, which were not unfounded, of a good part of them, who despite being formally in the election race for a member of the presidency, that the votes were not counted and the voting mechanism did not work in the selection of members the DP leadership and who were elected by vote. The members who were appointed, including me, were a pure calculation to have the numbers in a chair, which despite the statutory dispositions, was dominated by members who were appointed and were there because of the function, despite those who were directly elected by vote from the election race.

"It was seen that the political action within the DP was going in a diametrically opposite direction, unfortunately with what was publicly articulated ," he said.

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