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"He confiscated the stamp of the DP", Salianji for Alibeaj: When there are no 61 candidates, how will he fight the regime

"He confiscated the stamp of the DP", Salianji for Alibeaj: When there

Democratic MP Ervin Salianji has reacted harshly to Enkelejd Alibeaj, who decided to run under the Democratic Party's logo, but not in all the country's municipalities.

In the whirlwind of withdrawals that are taking place from Alibeaj's candidates, Salianji told Top News that when there were no 61 candidates, then how does he claim to fight the Rama regime. The deputy said that Alibeaj has privatized the seal and stamp of the DP and does not care about any result.

Salianji said that at the end of the elections, Alibeaj will only give an excuse for the poor result.

"There is only one opposition and another that has a sign and seal while there are not 61 candidates to run. If any party enters and contests, the vote for the candidate is the vote for the party. When there is no possibility to produce 61 candidates, how will you fight the regime, how will you destroy Berisha. They have no candidate and leave all the people who followed them in the mud. Making another betrayal of the electorate to say that they love Berisha. The only reason why the seal is kept is that it is money that comes from the state budget. these have been owned by a small party, they don't even care about the result.

The only thing they will give is the excuse they will give for the poor result. We are in a situation where the court has given them the stamp, Rama has given them support and they also want Berisha's electorate. I am sorry that the PD logo was confiscated. They closed the door on the party they took hostage. If you are against Berisha, you must participate in the elections and show that you have the electorate. They dropped the battle and officially recognized Berisha as the leader. Where will someone who thinks differently go" , said Salianji.

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